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Your pregnancy – Trimester 3

At 9 months, your baby should be about 18 inches long and weighs about 2.5kg.

Your baby now has control of many body movements, and you will be able to feel your baby's many movements and even the vibration caused by his hiccups. His organ system is now fully developed.
He can now blink, with eyelashes fully grown and may have a full head of hair. Nails have grown on his fingers and toes too.
Be wary of varicose veins
Don't stand too long if you suffer from leg cramps and varicose veins (enlarged and swollen veins). If a varicose vein ruptures, it will cause heavy bleeding. You can wear tight clothing and tube socks to protect affected areas, and place a cushion under your legs while you sleep to raise them slightly.
Bond with your little one
Since your baby has developed his hearing at this point, you can start talking to him or singing to him. Keep count of your baby's movements, and try stroking your belly while lying on the bed, just to feel the movements. This can be the start of a beautiful relationship between just the two of you.
Express colostrum (first milk)
Starting from the 33rd week of pregnancy, you should express your colostrum to prevent engorgement, blocked duct, low milk supply or cracked nipples. However, if you start getting uterine cramps, stop or postpone the expression. When in doubt, consult your doctor immediately.
Smooth away stretch marks
As your belly increases, stretch marks may start appearing on the chest, hips and thighs. If you don't experience a rapid weight gain, there will be fewer chances of getting stretch marks. Just apply moisturiser or lotion after bathing, and massage your abdomen to moisturise your skin.