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Important Notice!
Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for healthy growth and development of babies. Good maternal nutrition helps sustain an adequate supply and quality of breast milk. Unnecessary introduction of bottle-feeding, partially or fully, or of other complementary foods and drinks may have a negative impact on breastfeeding, which may be irreversible. Consult your doctor and consider the social and financial implications before deciding to use breast milk substitutes or if you have difficulty breastfeeding. Follow usage, preparation and storage instructions of breast milk substitutes or of other complementary foods and drinks carefully as improper or unnecessary use may pose a health hazard.

Your child and natural body resistance

The early years of a child's life chart an interesting journey. From consuming his first solids, teething, crawling, to talking, your child leads an occupied everyday life absorbing new knowledge rapidly. Thus, your child should have a good health to grow and learn well. And a good health starts from a good gut. 

A good gut keeps your child safe from illnesses and diseases, especially two common childhood ailments: diarrhoea and constipation. When the immune system is strong and functioning properly, it produces antibodies that provide a natural defence against pathogens. Friso 

While ensuring that good hygiene is always observed, do not be overly worried if your child is exposed to some germs. They are helping to build his immunity, so that he can be tough enough to explore his world while staying safe, happy and healthy.

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