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A Guide to Choosing the Right Formula for Your Child

What are the things to look out for and where should you begin? We break it down into digestible bits for you and your child.

1. Check with Pediatrician

Breast milk is always best for your child, but if you’re looking for a way to supplement breastfeeding, consult the paediatrician and let him or her offer recommendations based on your child’s dietary needs, your concerns and an all-round understanding of what’s currently available on the market. It’s also good to speak with your paediatrician when you’re looking to switch formulas.


2. The Good Stuff

Don’t get intimidated by big words like prebiotics, probiotics, DHA and ARA – these are simply the good stuff that all healthy babies need. Probiotics fight against harmful bacteria in your child’s digestive system, while prebiotics promote the growth of good bacteria. DHA and ARA are important building blocks for your child’s brain and eye development (up to 3 years of age).