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Get comfy in nature with yoga

Experience more relaxation with some simple outdoor yoga exercises! Besides enjoying some fresh air, yoga will also help ease some discomfort – like cramps, constipation and stomachaches – that arise from your body's hormones adjusting to the pregnancy.

And sure, you could do the yoga indoors – but wouldn't it be great to get outside for an invigorating change of scenery? You could even make a day of it with a friend, someone from the family – or even your husband. Getting out and watching his beautiful wife unwinding with yoga could help him de-stress too! says that yoga routines during the first trimester of your pregnancy are fine, but please consult your gynaecologist first! There are two yoga exercises that are especially suitable for pregnant mums – Standing Chakrasana and Kati Chakrasana.

Standing Chakrasana 
The Standing Chakrasana routine is good for flexing your hips and increasing your lung capacity to help with breathing difficulties.

  1. Stand upright, spread your legs and make sure your body is firmly balanced. Take a deep breath while extending your arms to the side in parallel to your shoulders. Your palms should be facing down. Exhale slowly while maintaining this pose.
  2. Take a deep breath while turning your right arm so that your right palm faces upwards. Exhale slowly and lift your right arm up to your right ear while turning your head and body to the left. Keep both legs and your left arm straight while your body moves. Maintain this pose for as long as possible while breathing regularly.
  3. Take a deep breath and stand upright with both arms extended straight and pointing upwards. Bring your arms down so that both arms are parallel to your shoulders, then turn your arms so that your palms are facing down. Bring your right arm down and exhale slowly.
  4. Repeat the steps above with the other arm.

Kati Chakrasana
The Kati Chakrasana routine will help you overcome constipation during pregnancy.

  1. Stand facing forward and spread your legs. With your palms facing down, take a deep breath and extend your arms to the sides in parallel with your shoulders.
  2. Exhale slowly while turning your body to the left. While turning, touch your left shoulder with your right hand and your right hip with your left arm from behind. Your legs should not move.
  3. Take a deep breath and return to the pose mentioned in the first step. Repeat this by going in the opposite direction.
  4. Repeat the steps for anywhere between 5 to 10 times, depending on how comfortable you are.

And don't forget to take a couple of photos of your session! You could scrapbook the memories for your child and tell them about how this was your first outing to the park together