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Discover more about LockNutri System®

More parents recommend Friso Gold as the formula that’s easy for delicate tiny tummies. Read on to find out what makes Friso Gold different and how it can help your child’s tummy.

What is LockNutri System?

Natural nutrients may be damaged by overheating during production of milk formula. LockNutri System is our advanced production technology that protects natural nutrient like protein against overheating to retain closer to the natural state.

Why should formula be easy to process?

Your child’s digestive system is still developing and is delicate. Nutrients like proteins in their natural state are much easier for delicate tummies to process, so they are more easily absorbed. This means, your child’s tummy doesn’t get stressed and there is less chance of them getting constipated. Which is important for building a strong digestive system, supporting immunity and providing required energy for development. With your child stronger on the inside, they are more resilient and can go out and experience more together with you.